Sunday, May 11, 2008


selepas beberapa lama blog ini bersawang kini i kembali menulis..

sebab kenapa i sudah lama tidak mengupdate blog ini adalah:-

  1. pertama sekali adalah final for the semester is tuff gila punya project so i have to go to bengkel like 24/7
  2. my phone ilang lagi!! omg!! baru beli 4 bulan..
  3. and again hilang because of the kekalutan ketika submit assignment
  4. i mmg pelupa and pemalas..
  5. cannot concentrate thats y blog xupdate and also phone ilang..
  6. lotta of work to do!! again?
  7. because my phone is my camera oso dats y!!
  8. tu je kot!!
    hurm and skang ni final dah brakhir... finally finally!!!
    im free like i wanna high in the sky~~ ahahaha

but then today LUNDI 12th may 2008 i start my intership at the BLU INC Media for SEVENTEEN magazine.. it was quite fun for the first day i guess~~ with all the team..

and they are like so friendly ahahaha and now im waiting for v the fashion writer for this mag to bawak me keluar makan.. and me updating the blog that have not been update since last month like OMG again.. if u dont update then dont do blog la meh.. carut myself hahaha and lsiteing to EMILIE SIMON- Desert (french version) best la weh... huhuhu

dats is for today i guess.. tomorow i will update lagi k... because today just simple thing je i wat like kemas magazine and then ada shoot product for the what column forgot already..

tu je la kot.. hehe yang penting lepas nih punya keje best2..

leter2 i update k.. cya


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ur back!

glad u dah balik