Sunday, March 29, 2009

hmMm. suRpriSe!

warehouse new ad campaign.
i did sell my design to them and they pay me rm2k.
no la, kalau betol best kan?

ware house.


diorang mandi lama.
smpat post lagi 1.

my 3rd toiLe.

3rd toile.
still in progress.
im so gonna die after this.
help me.
7.53 am isnin.
tggu sapa tah mandi.
nak g kelas.

front view.

back view.

nak mandi.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

huRm. kEwL?

dunno? me either.
yesterday on my to school i did grab one of ardi's scarf.
he bought from nazima during the art bazar.
hmm maybe other name, cant remember.
so. i got shoot with remix mag on the afternoon like dat.
so i was thinking of bringing lots of "stuff" stuff.
so i bring my hats, some fedora, n etc.
4got already.
ok, coming back.
stuck in jam to go to..
and i didnt had my beauty sleep for 2 days.
p/s: plus while im writing this.. hmm.. 4 days already.
then ill go mad n die.
thats the moral of this story.
nope. now begin.
i try to cheer everybody inside of the car.
biasa la, morning emo.
then remember me of this pretty-wacky-bimbo-shuishy?
sha. shaharani.
let me see. hurm..
"buat turban la scarf ni"
"ok x ?"
women sket la"
"hmm kan ? mampos la"
i take it off and when we reach fac because i have to jalan dpan cafe.
kang ada incident lagi. hiks!
so no one inside of the class yet except for 4 of us.
"pakai je la"
"eyh comel la"
ok confident je.
during class no one said anything(bad) bout it.
confident je.. lam hati diorang?
went to cafe, some did talk about it.
but they are not fashion ppl.
so GTH. im gonna wear it for the rest of the day. haha

"cantik la!" with undescribeable expression.
ok it's acceptable.
im done. confident= new identity.
studio utusan.
"this is ur first look kan?"
"no... ok ke pakai nih. tak cam.. mcm mcm mcm ke?"
"ok la." jom"
done. balik.

me? likey!
u? decide!

4.00 A.M. tried to sleep. dah 4 ari tido,total baru 4 jam.
gila. insomnia.

aku? tido.
u guys? baca. komen!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Coco ChaNeL! canT wAiT!

ready ppl for this coming movie of the year i guess!!
most awaited!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


todae me n nik went for a photo shoot with faizal from photo department.
hes doing fashion photography for his final project.
so he askin nik n me to help him during the photoshoot.
so we're in charge for wardrobe and styling job.
so everything were doing just fine.
we reach the location around 12++.
lost actually.
and we setup everyhtin and suddenly the generator.
cannot start!
they figure out sooo many thing. still. its not workin'
thank god eventho im am who i am, :P
i think i can help them figure out the solution.
hahaha. the plug its not workin.
i asked them to go n buy a new one.
ok settle.
because of that it cause us about one hour delay.
so, hes using 3 male models n 1 female model.
3 of them are his fren and the female model...
we still dont even know who is she?
guess who?
wahh so lucky faizal can bring her to the location.
the goddess in malaysia fashion industry.


wat to do? aiyak!

male models, get ready. we got long way to go! strecth out everythin'!

there she comes!

siapa lagi. goddess Tengku Azura.

the location. SS 1 KJ.

make-up artist for todae. rozman. all the way from kedah.

male models. i did the drape thingy. :P

thats a wrap!

for the time beeing i cant post any of the picture.
:( but is ok.
i will k don worry.
we have to wait until faizal allow me to. :P
nanti tak surprise la his final project rite?
so tired. but still tak tido.
5.49 AM already n i got class at 8.30 PM.
its ok Rd or Wan are gonna wake me up.
hope so. hiks!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

grOw uP!

im so kesian with some ppl, dah 27 but still act like a budak sekolah.
why those kind of things shud happen heh?
come on la, UiTM student kot, u r no longer.... u know im not saying it out loud but plz GROW UP!
is dat really necessary to call other ppl pondan, bapok la wateve! isnt it? ISNT IT?
what did u guys dapat? happy? puas? seronok? aroused maybe? hiks! bullshit la!
or mayb u guys wanna be friend with us but... we're not the same, owh too bad!
in terms of way of thinking we're totally different i think. mentality.

dressing up? lagila kot! hahaha too bad if ada some of the ppl yg baca.
im not saying dat we fashion student so la cantik, bergaya la, stylo watever la but still it is our own intepretation i guess so u have no right to say like this like dat.

AND i so la benci!!!! benci!! BENCI!! ba** when ppl said "apa nih wear thing like dis n dat buat malu org kampung je" WHAT! fcuk o** la wei! my fam know me well kot, they never ever said like apa nih pakai seluar kaki kecik la, baju ketat ke unless is too tight but never refering to... u know pondan ke watever.. im doing fashion so they understand. bluek!

but u guys? hmmm think about dis.
we know some of us not so macho like u guys, tapi sudah2 la gelar2kan org.
amik cermin tgk diri sendiri. zaman2 tuh org tinggal dah lama dah ok?
kesian la dis ppl. hmm kam.. kam... kam.. ish tak baik la.
kita smua sama, all from that place but they way of thinking? be flexible la kot. takkan la when balik kg nak pakai so style kot, off course u will be tha attraction kan?
masuk kandang tuh semua la. get it? hahaha

bkn hypocrite but u know some of ppl tak ble terima. so we have to adapt this situation aite?
i did wear my skinny, my gladiator sandals, my short pants n etc in front of my grandma, and dia ok je. she did tego la if u know i wear it during day time mayb nanti ada org u know same to "that ppl" tgk kang cakap apa2. but dia tak la kesah sngt kot.
paham2 sendiri la dah besar.

so emosi terganggu just because of the thing happen yesterday, my junior nak kena tumbuk dengan other department student. just because dia tunjuk fcuk kat diorang right after they call him pondan. i think its not wrong to tunjuk tuh, action speak louder than words kan ppl?
so, serve u rite pathetic! eventho he is use to be my fren during hostel time but still. u got alot of fren like u know soft ke lembut ke ape2 je la but still u nak call this ppl pondan la ape. FO! stupid la. nasib baek tak kena pukul, ader lec nampak. bodo kan? BODOH kan? final year student buat perangai. too bad! org this period of time la so nak jaga diri, show good attitude semua. but u? u r so gonna get it! arent u? tuh la. sesuai la. haha
the bad news is our KP nak jumpa all the boys today! alamak kacau je. huhu nak wat keje nih.
we shall see what hes going to say bout that.
ok late for class dah. and also the meeting thing!


whAt I've beeN woRkin' oN~

heyya peeps!
kinda bz lately.
with my final project, 5 diff types of garment!
so many ah! too much too talk.
only 2 out of 5 prototype, prototype ok. check. done
still got 3 prototype and 5 actual.
after this? hmmMMmMM.
does anyone want to hired me? as?
anyhtin' dat related to fashion.
so this is preview of my final collection, ABC. nyum2. ke?
what do u guys think?

dart manipulation. huhuhu.

i've been workin on the pattern n some experiment~

back view.

thank god it fit nicely on the dress form (dummy) eventho im using flat pattern not draping.
credit to pattern lec who really help me and teach me a lot of tips, tricks and etc.
my final sem, i learn sooooooo many things.
mayb sbb i wat 5 garments.

life after 5.
must go on.
final? still work on it!
really hard! really2 hard ok.
i think so. hMmMmMm
thesis aka research writing?
still lots of things to do.
anyway who want to volunteer or give me any information or the statistic of ppl dat did botox.
huRmM i think i know some of them.
but are they willing to be feature on my research writing?

life after 5.

chill. huhu must go on~


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

haZwaNie oSmaN's burFDay~

last wednesday nite 18/3/09 i was in hartamas square to celebrate hazwanie osman's burfday, he turns 26 already! yay
hmmm.. i wasnt my plan actually but when i get there mama raz n fiebie dah standby cake n everythin, and i had to, u know komplot with them for a surprise party for our beloved queen
so rizman, the player inform us that they will be arriving anytime soon. so me n zhezy also fiebie had to 'vanish' for a while to setup everything la. and while we waiting and expecting for them to go to the other side, damn he almost see us. sigh~
we go menyorok kat dapur there and then zhezy was busy askin the deejay to put on the burfday song. wut? like dat can ah?
hmmmm ok then he said 5 minutes and i was holding i think 3 kilos secret recipe cake and it was so goddamn heavy if u use only one hand! ;p
ok candle ready, lighter ready, dj? tak ready!
adoia berat nih!! huhuh
dah 3 times light up the lilin n had to padam balik.
dah tinggal suku candlenye.
ok climax the song showed up
i walk as fast as i can and holding a 3kilos cake with one hand and lilin yg keep on terpadam and lighter api kecik gile.
pheww nasib bek wanie facing the other side.
so it was a so so surprise la. i guess.
isnt ppl? dunno. might be. but it is not how surprise it was but, ingatan ur fren to you is more important aite wanie? huhuh
so wanie happy burfday!!

ucapan? bole x?(without tone)

me n THE cake!


make a wish!

haha, overexcited! sure?

i can smell the jealousy. hmmm


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mE, noW!

final, me nak final dah.
lagi 2 bulan tak sampai.
lots lots tonnes tonnes or work.
tak siap. tak buat. malas. menjadi pemalas. tapi mmg dr dulu pemalas.
diri, tak terurus. mcm mana nak jadi org dewasa.
masa, dah suntuk. tapi masih leka. mengapa? kenapa?
emosi, tak betol. tak tahu. keliru. gila.
tapi kenapa perlu sekarang. tunggu la aku habis satu persatu azab dulu.
final, dekat dah sngt nih.
lepas nih nak buat apa? hurm.
serabut. serabai. hampir gila. tingtong setiap masa.
halangan. cabaran. dugaan. rintangan.
semua ada. serabot.
hati, kecewa? x. hampa? x. keliru? ye. balas dendam? entah. mahu? ye.
kau, sengaja. terpaksa. entah apa.
aku. terpaksa. padan muka. ikut kata hati? ye.
final, takot. nak wat betol2. tapi. hmmm.
kenapa sekarang. tggu la lepas nih.
kurus? x. gemok? entah. no description? ye.
kotak hati, lonely soldier boy.
tuhan tolong aku. bagi cahaya. pilih jalan yg betol. tak nak menyesal.
aku, jgn ikot kata hati. nanti padan muka. pastuh nak ikot sapa?
hmmmmm. tido? tak ley. nafsu gila. buang masa. kerja tak siap.
makan, belom. nescafe sedap. gila.
kau, ambil kesempatan. sengaja. bagi harapan. b**i.
ke? aku yg berangan. perasan. tak sedar diri. muka tak malu.
tertanya. tertipu. tipah la aku.
final, sempat ke x nih. insyallah. tapi semangat tak kuat.
kawan2. mayb. ym leka. keja tak siap.
best kalau xkerja dapat duit.
cari haluan hidup. cuba tenangkan hati. wat yg terbaik.
akhirkanlah apa yg telah azab dilalui.
nak happy. nak final dah nih. tolong. tolong.
nanti nak keja. nak duit banyak.
tak waras.
wat thesis sekarang. esok lec nak tgk. padan muka lagi 2 minggu kena hantar.
len kali jgn ikot kata hati. padan muka. sedar la.
kesian org kat kg. harapan menggunung. menharap kejayaan.
kerja siang mlm. bagi duit.
aku, joli je. tak pikir. apa nak jadi. kena sedar diri. menumpang je.
ikot lagi kata hati kan sakit sendiri sapa yg rugi.
tapi rasanya masih sempat lagi.
kan? cuba. cuba la yer.
buat la skarang. berenti menulis. g wat thesis.

thaNks V~

thaNks V sbb shoot baju I.
walaupun tak kuar kat 17.


kOtaK haTi~

tak usah kau terangkan ku tahu
potret wajahmu di setiap penjuru
curahkan deritamu padaku
biarku rasa apa yang kau lalu

terang terang
bersama rasa sayang
ku biarkan kau terbang
terang terang
sudut kecil ku isi
untuk senyuman mu lagi

berbaring kita renung ke bulan
lagu yang ku tulis ku nyanyikan
lagu cinta tentang kita berdua
yang kan kita kenangi hingga tiba masa

mimpi mimpi
yang tak kembali
aku janji
janji takkan pergi