Tuesday, July 22, 2008

neW fRom CaRiNe rOitFeLD~

hey ppl~~
after quite a time I didnt update my blog~~
ada material but then time takder and actually nak resize picture tu la punca segala2nya..
so nih ada la update baru for uols~~
meletop kan spread nih..
i macam OMG! ternganga kelas meletop!!
styling semua dibuat oleh Editor-in-Chief Vogue Paris
CariNe rOItFeLD herself!
for August 2008 issue~

matilah iney~~
haha meletop kan uols~
bestnya kalau terer wat styling mcm nih..
k la tc see ya~

1 comment:

F said...

the model is Raquel Zimmerman

one of my fav

shes awesome!!

n those picts too