Wednesday, March 18, 2009

haZwaNie oSmaN's burFDay~

last wednesday nite 18/3/09 i was in hartamas square to celebrate hazwanie osman's burfday, he turns 26 already! yay
hmmm.. i wasnt my plan actually but when i get there mama raz n fiebie dah standby cake n everythin, and i had to, u know komplot with them for a surprise party for our beloved queen
so rizman, the player inform us that they will be arriving anytime soon. so me n zhezy also fiebie had to 'vanish' for a while to setup everything la. and while we waiting and expecting for them to go to the other side, damn he almost see us. sigh~
we go menyorok kat dapur there and then zhezy was busy askin the deejay to put on the burfday song. wut? like dat can ah?
hmmmm ok then he said 5 minutes and i was holding i think 3 kilos secret recipe cake and it was so goddamn heavy if u use only one hand! ;p
ok candle ready, lighter ready, dj? tak ready!
adoia berat nih!! huhuh
dah 3 times light up the lilin n had to padam balik.
dah tinggal suku candlenye.
ok climax the song showed up
i walk as fast as i can and holding a 3kilos cake with one hand and lilin yg keep on terpadam and lighter api kecik gile.
pheww nasib bek wanie facing the other side.
so it was a so so surprise la. i guess.
isnt ppl? dunno. might be. but it is not how surprise it was but, ingatan ur fren to you is more important aite wanie? huhuh
so wanie happy burfday!!

ucapan? bole x?(without tone)

me n THE cake!


make a wish!

haha, overexcited! sure?

i can smell the jealousy. hmmm


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Fiebie said...

it was a fun night, tapi had to go home early sebab ada kelas pagi. emmmm, sedih tak dapat enjoy lelebih.