Sunday, March 22, 2009


todae me n nik went for a photo shoot with faizal from photo department.
hes doing fashion photography for his final project.
so he askin nik n me to help him during the photoshoot.
so we're in charge for wardrobe and styling job.
so everything were doing just fine.
we reach the location around 12++.
lost actually.
and we setup everyhtin and suddenly the generator.
cannot start!
they figure out sooo many thing. still. its not workin'
thank god eventho im am who i am, :P
i think i can help them figure out the solution.
hahaha. the plug its not workin.
i asked them to go n buy a new one.
ok settle.
because of that it cause us about one hour delay.
so, hes using 3 male models n 1 female model.
3 of them are his fren and the female model...
we still dont even know who is she?
guess who?
wahh so lucky faizal can bring her to the location.
the goddess in malaysia fashion industry.


wat to do? aiyak!

male models, get ready. we got long way to go! strecth out everythin'!

there she comes!

siapa lagi. goddess Tengku Azura.

the location. SS 1 KJ.

make-up artist for todae. rozman. all the way from kedah.

male models. i did the drape thingy. :P

thats a wrap!

for the time beeing i cant post any of the picture.
:( but is ok.
i will k don worry.
we have to wait until faizal allow me to. :P
nanti tak surprise la his final project rite?
so tired. but still tak tido.
5.49 AM already n i got class at 8.30 PM.
its ok Rd or Wan are gonna wake me up.
hope so. hiks!


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angelbubblegumvass said...

ciss...kan bagus i bley tlg u drape kan model2 laki tuh...sanggup xajak i....uwaaaaaaaaa:(