Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eau D'Ikar by Sisley

A fragrance of elegant simplicity,
yet intricately composed.
High quality, rich in fine natural essences
it is structured around the mastic, a Mediterranean shrub...
and Corsica, birthplace of the d’Ornano family.
Mastic is present in the top, middle and base notes.
For the top, essence of Mastic,
green, crisp and bright, is illuminated by fruit
Bitter Orange, Bergamot and Lemon
alongside Carrot seeds
for a fresh, sparkling and luminous start.
The heart combines Mastic absolute
and floral spicy accords of
Iris, Jasmine and Orange pekoe tea, refreshed by Reeds.
It slowly reveals its unexpectedly warm facets:
Leather, Wood, Spices...
The very masculine base note is powerful and seductive.
The deep, dark heart of mastic mingles
with the amber animal notes of
Green Cistus, another Mediterranean plant,
and woody notes of Sandalwood
and Vetiver root.

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